All houses come with different facilities available, but the standard features are all rooms are ensuite, come with standing showers, air conditioners, and coffee/tea making machines. In addition to that, all bathrooms have hair dryers. However, some houses come with additional features such as bathtubs, saunas, safe and fridge stocked with drinks, playroom with different game tables as Blackjack and Roulette. There is plenty of parking space and valet services are also available for our clients.

Furthermore, if you would like to chopper in from your location, a helipad is available and at your disposal. At Quinta da Cantareira we are here to take care of you at all times. Room service is available per request but for more information place visit our website.

Besides the above, there is the steam room and sauna available for your ultimate relaxation. After a full day of activity walk into the spa and get a massage while you unwind from a busy day. Before calling it a day pass by the bar and have a soft drink or some alcohol while you mingle with other people.

Daytime Activities

At Quinta da Cantareira we have created quite a collection of activities that will keep you busy for the better part of the day. For companies or groups, we have various sports activities available that would be fun to participate in whether you are a CEO, junior staff, couple or individual these activities are at your disposal. Zip lining is available, wall climbing, hiking, team building challenges, biking, and camping. The latter is ideal for family bonding times or couples looking to have fun in the wild. Running and jogging tracks are also available. We also have gyms, gaming rooms and other indoor activities available for our clients. We also lit bonfires when the weather is conducive and give everyone a chance to mingle with other people and have some fun. While at Quinta da Cantareira don’t hold back on having fun feel free to explore the environment and enjoy every moment.

Other Services

Apart from the above we also help our clients manage their cabins in different locations while at the same time rent them out to clients. We will handle all the responsibility that comes with having a cabin while at the same time helping you earn some revenue from your property.

Charity Events

Quinta da Cantareira primary goal as a company is to provide services without destroying our environment. In that sense, we do carry educational events where we call on the community not to destroy our environment by cutting trees or throwing litters. Apart from that on a regular basis, we do organise tree planting excises together with the community. Similarly, we also hold fundraising events with the funds raised going to support the local community and charity organizations. As we continue to expand our company and enter different markets, our primary goal is to help conserve the environment. In that sense, if you or your company would like to work with us on our project, please reach out to us.